We are pleased to inform that more banks have shifted to using Web Service API in PESONet. <br> <br> China Banking Corporation (010) has completed its UAT on the use of PESONet Web Service API and have join UCPB (029), Security Bank (014), May Bank (022), East-West Bank (062) and RCBC (028) in sending and receiving EFT Transactions via the PESONet Web Service API. <br> <br> On the other hand, we are likewise pleased to welcome the new PESONet participants: <br> <br> Wealth Bank (Bank 120); Al-Amanah Islamic Investment Bank (Bank 136); Producers Savings Bank Corp (Bank 122) and Dungganon Bank, Inc. – the latest and first Rural Bank participant in the PESONet (since March 25, 2019). <br> <br> <br>
Introducing the PESO Net… <br> <br> <br>